6x8 Rugged Raptor

6x8 Rugged Raptor


The Rugged Raptor is the best! 6x8 with lots of options. Comes with 15" tires, large jeep fenders, roof racks, back galley, inside storage, front shelf, two doors, two windows, and a sun gaze window.   Natural birch plywood spray in U-Pol Raptor Liner ( Truck Bed Liner ) this camper is designed to be Rugged and plenty of space.  Limited Builds. 

  • 6x8 trailer frame black

  • front jack

  • Back drop down jack.

  • 15" tires

  • Jeep fenders

  • Black Liner

  • Roof Racks

  • Front picture window

  • Back galley with sink and pump sink.

  • Two Doors 26'x32"

  • Two windows 14"x21"

  • Hardwood floors

  • 110vt eletric system.

  • Inside storage.

  • Front Shelf.

  • Led Light

  • LED Bar tail light.

  • Large Black Alumiumn bin.

  • Cargo Net Storage inside.

  • Two half moon air vents.