RENTAL- 4x8 Teardrop

RENTAL- 4x8 Teardrop


Rent a 4x8 Classic Sleeper. No Galley

**Two Night Minimum**

Enjoy Renting a teardrop trailer for the weekend.  The classic sleeper is equipped with the following:

  • 4x8 Classic Sleeper
  • Full Size Bedding
  • Sleeps Two
  • Large Back Shelf
  • Power Cords
  • Back Hitch Boone Table
  • AC Window Unit
  • Small Heater
  • Single Butane Burner Stove
  • Let Inside Light
  • Solar Outside Light

Will need a 2" Couple and a 4 prong trail light system.

$300 Deposit is required, but returned in full. 

Please call for details 


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