6X8 Standy Teardrop Trailer ( New )

6X8 Standy Teardrop Trailer ( New )


2018 Stand Up Canned Spam.

Features a 6x8 frame with a 3500 lbs dexter axel. 13” tires, hardwood floors, 2 doors 14”x21” and 1 door. Inside the camper will feature a large full size bed measuring 56” wide by 6ft long. Under the bed with be two storage cabinets for anything needed inside the camper. You will also get a large 24” base cabinet with a nice slab of granite. This unit will have the climate right hook ups for your ac needs. Climate right is not sold with the camper. Will have a cargo rack in the front for your ac or cooler. Two drop down jacks, back hitch, spare tire holder, and two half moon airvents. Also comes with a bright led solar light for the outside.

Inside height: 5’10

Outside total height: 7ft

Width 6ft

Length 8ft

Weight 1219 lbs.

Ac Ports for any Climate Right Ac Unit. Please note the AC unit is sold separately and can be purchased at www.climateright.com

We suggest the 2500 BTU Please note that some of the pictures have upgraded features. Please go to upgrades for cost.

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