5x8 Stand Up Spam

5x8 Stand Up Spam


The stand up canned spam is a hit in the teardrop community. It offers you the ability to stand up inside and move around and a comfortable dinette set. The dinette folds down into a bed wit plenty of storage.


This is our stand up canned spam.  Inside height is 5'9 allowing you stand up.  43" custom made dinette set that folds into a full bed.  For $200.00 less you can get a 32" single sleeper dinette set.   The dinette set below in the picture is what we will be using for each customer.  It is Amish made and comes with a warranty .  Color choices are below. Comes with a large table to play cards or eat dinner. Plenty of storage under dinette set. This unit offers a small hot plate burner and a custom lower cabient.  We recommended the climate rite AC unit for this trailer.  A cheaper ac option would be to use a Della Portable AC Unit 8000 BTU $250.00

The CANNED SPAM is here! Order now. Limited amount of canned spams will be built.


**** Please note that ordering of furniture takes about one month **** Also please note that this model takes time to build to custom items are limited to build. We require a $1200.00 deposit for all canned spams.


  • No Back Galley
  • 5x8 Trailer Frame
  • 43" Dinette Set.
  • Custom table.
  • Under storage.
  • Hardwood floors.
  • 2 Windows 14"x21"
  • 1 Door 20"x53" with deadbolt
  • Natural wood walls.
  • Rv pedestal.
  • Front cargo rack or bin
  • Back stabilizer jacks.
  • Front Jack
  • 3K dexter axel

899 LBS

120 Tongue Weight

5x8 Trailer

2" Ball