4x8 Koa Teardrop Trailer

4x8 Koa Teardrop Trailer


2018 Koa Teardrop Camper 4x8 .  All aluminum galley that his aero dynamic and held with Judson wing nuts.   The Koa is a popular model that allows a small back galley.

  • Back Galley- Has back Galley
  • 2" Square Tube Frame Welded (Black)
  • 13" Tires
  • Front Jack
  • Back Galley with two shelves, one light and a 3 in 1 Breakfast station.  We can add a rv sink and a hand pump for an extra cost.  Back galley is held by wing nuts for extra support. Aluminum galley hatch with a hurricane hinge.
  • 8"x28" Aluminum Fenders
  • Safety Chains
  • Led Tail Lights
  • Back Shelf
  • Carpet or Natural Wood
  • Birch Plywood polyurethane.
  • 2 Doors 26"x32" Solid
  • 1 Window 14"x21" Slide window.
  • White Aluminum
  • NoCo Marine Electric 110VT outlet.
  • Inside LED battery operated light.
  • Black trim inserts.
  • Half moon air vent.
  • AC Hatch for any 5,000 BTU Ac Unit (Added feature)
  • Front Military cargo bin or cargo rack ( Added feature)

** Please note that we will provide a sink and hand pump, but will not include the black water or fresh water tanks.  We suggest using small water jugs found at any local store. **



  1. 4x8 Trailer
  2. Weight 620 Lbs
  3. 44" inside height.
  4. 48"x 93" Sleeping Quarters
  5. Height from ground up 64"
  6. 4 Prong wire system.
  7. Tongue weight 120lbs
  8. Back Galley is 27"x48"