4x8 Koa Teardrop Trailer- Galley ( Custom Build and Order )

4x8 Koa Teardrop Trailer- Galley ( Custom Build and Order )


*** Please go to the Upgrades/Shop page for added features ***

2018 Koa Teardrop Camper 4x8

All aluminum galley that his aero dynamic and held with Judson wing nuts.   The Koa is a popular model that allows a small back galley.

  • Back Galley- Has back Galley

  • 2" Square Tube Frame Welded (Black)

  • 13" Tires

  • Front Jack

  • Back Galley with two shelves, one light and a 3 in 1 Breakfast station. We can add a rv sink and a hand pump for an extra cost. Back galley is held by wing nuts for extra support. Aluminum galley hatch with a hurricane hinge. Note that galley is bendable to the teardrop camper. No wood components very light weight .

  • 8"x28" Aluminum Fenders

  • Safety Chains

  • Led Tail Lights

  • Back Shelf Cubby

  • Hardwood Floors

  • Birch Plywood polyurethane.

  • 2 Doors 26"x32"

  • White Aluminum

  • NoCo Marine Electric 110VT outlet.

  • Inside LED battery operated light.

  • Black trim inserts.

  • Half moon air vent.

  • Ac Ports for any Climate Right Ac Unit. Please note the AC unit is sold separately and can be purchased at www.climateright.com

    We suggest the 2500 BTU AC Unit. Your teardrop will have proper vents and hook ups for your ac unit.

  • Front Military cargo bin or cargo rack

** Please note that we will provide a sink and hand pump, but will not include the black water or fresh water tanks.  We suggest using small water jugs found at any local store. **

 Please note that some of the pictures have upgraded features. Please go to upgrades for cost.

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