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2500 BTU Climate Rite AC Unit/ Heater

2500 BTU Climate Rite AC Unit/ Heater


This is the original and only unit that satisfies both cooling and heating needs all year-round. The ClimateRight CR2500ACH, 2,500 BTU Air Conditoning and Heating unit is the perfect solution to heat and cool outdoor dog houses, small pantries, playhouses, kiosks, and many other small enclosures up to about 55 square feet. The beauty of this unit is that it sits outside of the enclosure - out of the way, quiet and unobtrusive . It safely and gently cools on hot days with quiet efficiency and takes out the chill during the colder months. While the ClimateRight CR2500ACH heats and cools, it filters and dehumidifies the air producing cleaner, relaxing comfort.


The electronic thermostat included with the ClimateRight CR25000ACH has Heat, Cool, Fan, Dehumidifying, Auto and Sleep Modes. The unit also features an Auto-On and Auto-Off timer, 3 fan speeds and comes with a infrared remote control.


A standard quick connect 2-air-hose system is included and makes installation a breeze for most simple through-wall applications. This 2 hose system acts as an air exchanger. You will only need appropriate screws and a hole saw (see instructions).


All functions are performed using the remote control for added convenience. Finally, no special wiring is needed. Simply plug it into a standard 115V electrical outlet.


Everything needed for a simple DIY installation is included:


- (1) CR2500ACH unit

- (2) Air Hoses

- (4) Hose Flanges - Factory mounted to hoses

- (2) Unit Flanges - Factory mounted to air intake and output on unit

- (2) Building Flanges

- (4) Flange Caps - 2 are factory mounted to unit flanges

- (1) Remote Control, 2 AAA batteries included

- (1) Owner's Manual

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