Koa Teardrop- Simple Sleeper With Galley $3800.00

4x8 Simple Sleeper with basic galley. This simple sleeper allows you to have the leg room, but also gives you the space of the galley.  Ac Hatch can be installed we suggest using our Climate Rite Ac unit.


**** Please note we are in the process of changing the galley hatch in the Koa Simple Sleeper.   We are still using a hurricane hinge but will be using stainless steel latches and simplifying our design.  More details to come *** Please call before purchase for information.

  • 2" Square Tube Frame Welded (Black)
  • 13" Tires
  • Front Jack
  • 8"x28" Alumiumn Fenders
  • Safety Chains
  • Led Tail Lights
  • Back Shelf
  • Carpet
  • Birch Plywood polyurethane.
  • 2 Doors 26"x32"
  • 1 Window 14"x21" Slide window.
  • White Aluminum
  • NoCo Marine Electric 110VT outlet.
  • Inside LED battery operated light.
  • Black trim inserts.
  • Half moon air vent.
  • AC Hatch for any 5,000 BTU Ac Unit(Added feature)
  • Front Military cargo bin. ( Added feature)
  • Simple Galley 22"x 24" Burner and shelf.
  • *****5x8 Upgrade for $750.00*****


  1. 4x8 Trailer
  2. Weight 680Lbs
  3. 44" inside height.
  4. 48"x 93" Sleeping Quarters
  5. Height from ground up 64"
  6. 4 Prong wire system.
  7. Tongue weight 120lbs
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